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Caroline and Andy’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Apr 2006

Location: Hong Kong

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Mosquito Bites = 0
Starbucks Seen = 4
Public Transport Systems "Nailed" = 4
Wigs Bought = 2

Hello All - its day 4 of Hong Kong and we're getting ready to head on to NZ. Unfortunately, its 1 of the worst storms we've ever seen - it kept us awake from 2am - and was still going at 5.30 this morning when we got up. The rest of the time though, its been 30 degrees - very hot for our pale pasty Scottish/English bodies.

We arrived late on Thursday, made it to our hostel in Causeway Bay (big shopping district - with Prada, Miss Sixty, Diesel etc) and were told they were overbooked - so some little man came and took us to a building across the street - which I swear was someone's own home! It was still nice though - but lots of arguing outside our room at night. Land is at a premium here, so our toilet doubled as our shower, and you had to either sit, or contort yourself around the toilet to get wet - Andy assures me this will be good practice for the campervan. Went for a walk to get our bearings (lots of Neon lights and pet shops with doggies in small cages, including Teddy Poodles - never seen 1 of those before but would like one now!!) Had dinner in Hop Fat Milk Pudding Restaurant, and sure there is something lost in the translation there - but food is so cheap - we ate out most nights for under 10 pounds!

Took the Star Ferry to Kowloon, on the mainland the following day(brilliant views) then headed up 1 of the sleaziest streets I've ever seen to the Temple Street Night Market, where Andy bought a watch for the equivalent of 1.90 and its broken already!! Also found a wig stall - what are the chances of that - we now both have alter ego's! We've also become more wary when ordering food in restaurants, as Andy ordered from a picture and got a mixed curry of fish balls, squid tentacles, beef tripe and boiled pig skin. I had glutinous rice balls, with mango jelly and mango ice cream. The pictures looked lovely.......................

On the Saturday, Andy saw Jet Li in a big shopping centre within the tallest building in Hong Kong. (He had a girlfriend with him unfortunately!) Then we headed to the worlds biggest escalator, not forgetting most disappointing escalator. Jumped off half way and headed to the oldest temple in Hong Kong - photo's to follow. Then to the Kat Street antique market, and we happened apon Lang Kwai Fong - Staunton Street, which is the ex-pat district with lots of wine bars - naturally we had to partake. From here we headed to the Peak Tram for great views of the city at dusk - again photo's to follow.

Also - if anyone's going to Hong Kong - we found a fantastic bar called Brecht's - which weirdly had a german theme. They pulled up a seat for us at the bar and we drank hoegarden! - no iced glasses like the Golden Rule though!

On the last day, we paid to go on an arranged tour - to a temple, a 700 year old walled village and to the border of China - then they took us to a jewellery factory - and tried to sell us tat - as if everyone in Hong Kong wears their birth stone!! My birthstone, the sheep, indicates I am creative and artistic....hmmm.....Andy's birthstone - the Snake, indicates.................

In the afternoon we went to Aberdeen, a fishing port for Hong Kong.........what a reek.....

Thats all for Hong Kong - sure we've missed lots - but keep you posted on NZ shortly.