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Caroline and Andy’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Mar 2007

Location: Siam Reap to Phnom Penh, Cambodia

MapSad to be leaving today, we've really enjoyed Siam Reap. We had breakfast at the guest house before our bus arrived. We wanted to have rice but they didn't have any on the menu for breakfast, so we had a greasy baguette with cheese spread - yuck!!. Rice is definitely the way to go for breakfast, without a doubt.

Our bus was late, and when it arrived the bus driver shouted at us to hurry up!! How rude. Bus journey was fairly uneventful, and no break downs which was great. Arrived in Phnom Penh around 4pm and it was a real shock to the system. Tuk-tuk drivers and moto-taxi drivers crowd the bus door as you are getting off and try to get your business, and the roads are soooo busy. You just have to walk out and the motorbikes and cycles go around you. We'll get better at this with practice I'm sure.

We stayed in a guest house near the bus stop, got settled in, and even treated ourselves to a TV in the room. Bit naughty budget wise, but there you go.

Headed out later that evening around 9pm (took 5 minutes to get past touts) and the streets were almost deserted compared to earlier, but we found some food stalls a couple of streets away, and shared a rice dish (no idea what kind of meat it was) , which cost 75c - how cheaps that. Great stuff!