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Caroline and Andy’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Mar 2007

Location: Phu Quoc, Vietnam

MapWhat a day we've had! Got up early this morning so we could go for a bike ride before it got too hot.

Set off for the north-west of the island - got lost several times on the way out of the village (no road names) - finally found our way but the roads were so bad we got nowhere fast.

We ended up covering half the distance we'd intended to, and it took us twice as long. The road is really bumpy, and as our bike has almost no suspension left, we felt every bump! Our poor bums!

We crossed some pretty hairy bridges too - slats of wood, none of which seemed to be joined to anything!! By 11.30am we found a cafe and stopped for a well deserved cold drink - and decided it was time to head back to our resort before it got too hot - but then disaster struck around midday (sods law - midday heat!!!) - and we got a puncture.

We knew it had happened as the back of the bike started skidding around in the gravel - thank god we weren't on a corner. By this point we were 3km's from the nearest village - and weren't really sure what to do. The bike couldn't cope with 2 of us on it, so I offered to sit by road while Andy went for help - or to start walking the 3km's while he went ahead on the bike. We decided that neither of these were a good idea, so just started pushing the bike together towards the village. Shortly after a lovely couple, saw us, turned round and helped us out. They took me on their bike, and went slow so Andy could keep us - and directed us to where we could get the puncture fixed. Lovely lovely people. Neither of us had a clue what they were saying though. (Note to self - must learn to say "thank you" in Vietnamese)

Got the puncture repaired within 30 minutes and it cost less than $3. How cheap is that. The inner tube had been punctured and repaired before by the looks of it!

So its an evening of relaxation for us now - well deserved I think. We're also nearly out of English reading material as everyone here is German - so we may go to another resort and swap our books for theirs!!