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Nick’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Apr 2006

Location: South America

MapWell folks i have just arrived back in London, after having spent 3 weeks in South America.
I arrived on the 6th of April in Santiago de Chile after having had a very interesting time getting to South America (aiports suck).
I was greeted by 2 very happy and familiar faces Philly and Alex (they had a welcome sign "bienvenidos") it was a little embarrasing.

I was then taken to the Grange School (Alex & phil are gap sudents there) which was realy hectic, its an uber rich school.
I was then introduced to the other Gap students Emily and Nick (not me another one)
the girls have a really good set up and they dont work that hard, so they are just living it up at the moment!!!!!!
Santiago itself is a really interesting city with lots of different things about it, its all a bit strange. The surroundings are awesome and the Andes mountain range is very impressive, from what you could see (the city is very smoggy, pollution)

On my second week/end (easter weekend) we went camping in the Andes at Cascade de las Animas in Cajon del Maipo it ws good fun, it was great to get out of the city and "be at one with nature" it was a awesome and cold experience camping but i think next time Ill get a cabin or a bigger tent!!

On my final week in South America, Alex and I headed of to Mendoza a city set in the foothills of the Andes (on the Argentinian side).
Mendoza was awesome we ate huge steaks and drank some really good wine for stupidly cheap prices, it was great.
the shopping there is also really good its cheap for even South Africans so we both bought stacks of stuff.
We went on 3 tour/things which was really cool
1: Big City Tour- drove around and learnt about Mendoza
2: Wine and Distilery Tour- went around various wineries and a distilery and tasted all they had to offer, really good and we were then given this amazing and huge lunch, put on by one of the wineries
3: Trip to Mount Aconcagua- we went to the Biggest mountain in the America's climbed it (not really) got great photos tho.

Well I hope that you like the website and please write to me and let me know how all of you peeps are getting on.....