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Burto’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 May 2006

Location: London, England

MapDear diary...........first entry of hopefully many, we will see how we go.

Well it is day 6 and so much to tell!!! I wont go into too much detail, will give you the low down on the highlights. Firstly the plane trip was great, took me 3 days to get over the jet lag though.

Place where I am staying is with a mate in North - West London. The place is a one bedroom appartment with 4 of us living in it, quite cosy. The guys I am living with are great and have introduced me to so many more great people.

I have been to 2 pubs in the area, where I have spent evey evening except my first one. The Fosters up here is going down well and haven't started trying the local beer yet.

Seen heaps of London suburbia and have the hang of their awsome transport system to a certain degree. Seen Big Ben and Buckingham Palace so far, haven't seen as much as I would have I liked so far, but have been doing heaps of organising.

Everything has been working out well for me so far and enjoying every minute. Lots of differences over here that will take a while to get use too. One of them is that - if you don't push in and think of your self over here, you will be left behind.

Will be spending tomorrow getting ready for the trip arond Europe and making my way to the start point in London. I have been so lucky with the weather, every day besides my first one have been really nice days.

Must run and will update you all agin soon,


Oh yeh, happy mothers day to all you mums for tomorrow.!!!!