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Burto’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Sep 2006

Location: Morocco

MapHey guys,

On a new adventure through Europe to make us of the end of the summer. I know I didnt keep you up to date with the last trip, but will try this time round. Have trouble putting photos on this site so will have to go without. Here is a brief summary of each day on the trip, enjoy -

Trip length:- 6 - 7 weeks
Trip plan:- London - Morocco - Spain - France - Italy - Greece and Greek Islands - Prauge (if there is time)
Got a train pass around europe, so will travel mostly by train

August 31st 2006 - Morocco - Marakesh
Caught the train to Gatwick airport at 4:30am. Stricked with luggage on plane, so had some trouble getting through security. Arrived in Morocco - Marakesh at 11:30am and caught a taxi to our hotel. The driver didnt understand where we were going, they speak Arabic or French over here. He droped us off in the main square and point in the general direction. The small streets are just a maze, so got a local to guide us to our hotel for a small fee. The hotel was very nice with Moroccan traditional setting, and greeted with cups of mint tea. Dropped our geat off and went for a look around the surrounding area. Running on little sleep, went to bed early.

September 1st 2006 - Morocco - Marakesh
The room is very hot and hard to sleep, it is around 40 - 45 degrees during the day, every day! Spent the day looking at tourist attractions and craft shops. Friday is pray day for Moroccans as their religon is Muslim. Most things are not open until after lunch. Most things close down also between 11:30 - 2:30, so is a good time to rest and have lunch between this time. People use this time for an afternoon nap. Moroccan people love tourists and are very friendly. Problem is that they hassle you to pay them to guide you around or come into their craft shops. Can get a bit anoying after a while. In the evening the main square comes alive and had dinner at one of the food stalls. The waiters hassle you with lines like 'lovely jubely' and 'bloody good food'. The place is amazing, filled with snake charmers, accrobats, music, story tellers, food and craft stalls.

September 2nd 2006 - Morocco - Marakesh
Caught a horse drawn caridge to some more tourist stuff and looked at some more craft shops. Had a guide take us to a jewish village and synagogue, their priest was old and freaky. Got another guide to show us to another mosque, but took us to a different one and to his mates craft shop. Anything we buy there he will get some commision. Gave us dodgy directions to where we wanted to go, but got there in the end. Spent the night in the main square again with more Moroccan entertainment.

September 3rd 2006 - Morocco - Marakesh
Our accomodation ran out here but decided to stay another night. This place was booked out, so arranged a bed in the hotel next door. Spent most of the day organising a trip to Ouzazate and a train to Fes. Looked through some markets (Soukes) in the afternoon. Had dinner at a restaurant on the edge of the main square tonight.