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The Adventurer’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Sep 2005

Location: Korea (South)

MapI arrived in Surat Thani. I was really excited now. This was to be my first tropical island to visit. I knew to expect palm trees and sandy beaches and a nice ocean, but I wasn't too sure about the actual feeling of being on a tropical island. I will say it now though, the island was everything I expected and more. I almost forgot to mention that I did not have a watch, so my sense of time was a bit off. I became very good at telling time without a watch and I was always very close to the time I thought.

The ferry ride was great, had myself a nice hot cup of coffee, sat up on the open deck and enjoyed the view. As we arrived closer to the island, I noticed the palm trees and the beaches. First thing I did once I deboarded the ferry was dip my feet in the ocean, and quite warm it was! There was a very nice restaurant on the beach and I ordered a delicious vermicelli with prawns and chicken, and a special Thai sauce. They served me freshly squeezed orange juice. It really did feel tropical! They recommend that you go out onto the main road an flag down a taxi, as the ones who try and solicit near the beach are more expensive. So I tried flagging down a sawngthaw (like a bus, but a pickup truck is used with a canopy kind of thing on the cab with seats in it). No success. But a van came along that had 3 other travellers in it. We all split the cost. I can't remember but I paid about 100 baht. Next stop: my accomodations at Samui Park Resort!

I arrived in paradise! There was a pool complete with a poolside bar, not to mention the beach right in front. The resort was surrounded by palm trees, flowers, lush green scenery and birds that I've never seen before. I went all out and got myself a double room which was huge and clean! With plenty of a/c and a huge balcony out front to sit outside on and enjoy the view. Rooms here are cheap. I paid 1000 baht (about $25 US) per night. You can find places for half the cost, but I wanted to splurge a little.

So after I dropped my things off, I changed into my swimsuit and went down to hang out by the pool. It was a beautifully hot day. The only thing getting on my nerves was the darn stuffed nose I had, but I didn't let it stop me from doing what I wanted to do. Had a couple of beer by the pool, took a swim, and napped on the loungers. I don't think even an hour had gone by before I realized how red I was. I decided it was time to move around and explore.

So I headed to the beach. I stayed at the southern part of Lamai Beach (this is the quieter part of the island, not as touristy). I recommend this part of the island for people who don't want to party. Went to the main part of the beach and swam a bit in the water. It felt so good. Went to a couple of beachside pubs. Met some people from Australia who were now living on the island. We chatted for awhile and I called it an early night. I wasn't here to party, more for relaxing. Seoul was busy enough for me, I needed some R&R.

Sat on my balcony and had a nightcap to enjoy the night view just before bed. This is the life!!