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The Adventurer’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 Dec 2006

Location: Gyungju City, Korea (South)

MapWe had a few laughs before falling asleep, thinking we'd probably be waking up to a nice warm room. It was freaking cold in the morning!! We decided that showering was out since the bathroom was like the Arctic Circle--good times. We could've complained, but we just wanted to be on our way. We booked a bus tour to take us to all the sites that would have been otherwise too difficult to see on our own. We saw an old temple, an astronomy museum with a replica of a famous cave grotto (would have been awesome to see the real thing), numerous souvenir stores (honestly, we could have done without), several tombs (the city is full of them), and a huge historical museum. We went inside one tomb. It was kind of interesting to be in a place where a centuries year old king was buried (that's me the history buff). Overall, it was interesting, but we expected a little more of some stuff and a little less of others. The tour finally ended about 4:30. We made our way to Beoman Lake, a popular spot for tourists who come to this city. We decided to find our next hotel. After checking what was probably one of the most expensive hotels in Gyungju City (5 star), we made our way to the next hotel. Man were we in for a treat and more than made up for the hostel we stayed in the night before!! They gave us a discount for almost half the price at a very nice hotel (can't remember the name right now). We dropped our bags and went for dinner. We wandered around outside looking for a restaurant and decided to go back to the hotel for a fantastic looking buffet that had everything from sushi to smoked salmon, salads, pasta, desserts, sweet and sour pork. We ate like royalty. The rest of the night we couldn't pass up staying in and just enjoying the hotel, so we hung out in one room and played cards for most of the night. It was a fantastic end to the day spent in great company!