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The Adventurer’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 31 Dec 2006

Location: Korea (South)

MapAfter a great night spent playing cards and socializing in our excellent hotel facilities, we were able to sleep in. We headed for brunch and then made our way to the bus station for our next destination--Busan--second largest city in South Korea. We had no problems here and arrived in Busan an hour later. We wandered around a bit looking for a place to stay. We ended up getting rooms at a nice little hostel called the Seoul hotel, which took a little navigating on all our parts. We dropped our bags and headed down to the foreigner district called Texas Street (Why?? I don't know). The area was full of Russian foreigners and we didn't stay long as the area was a little on the seedy side. We did manage to find some cuban cigars to help us toast in the New Year.

It wasn't long before we made our way to a popular beach called Haeundae Beach. The weather was beautiful for January. The beach was lively with people everywhere preparing for the night's festivities. After walking around for awhile, we decided to satisfy our taste buds with a delicious Western style meal and headed to Bennigan's right by the beach. Once again, we ate like royalty and I couldn't have asked for a better meal--pork ribs, lobster tail and good beer. After stuffing ourselves, we went to get our drinks to toast the New Year, which included a bottle of fine 12 year old Chivas Regal scotch. As midnight approached, we literally had firecrackers in hand and gathered by a sign that would light up as the clock struck 12. When the midnight hour hit, everyone was cheering and they had the Happy New Year sign light up with fire. We stayed a bit longer after and headed back to our hotel. We attempted to stay up all night and see the sunrise on the beach, but we were all exhausted and didn't make it. I must say this was the best New Year's Eve I've ever had and was celebrated in style.