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Friday, 05 May 2006

Location: Varanasi, India

MapHi everyone, I haven't turned into a hippie tourist yet! But this place is crazy. So far I've been to Delhi and I'm now in Varanasi where the Ganges River is. Dehli was really bustly and mad, seeing random animals like cows, dogs and goats in the street was strange at first but I've started to get used to it. The only thing that is a killer here is the heat, you really can't escape from it. I think it currently 42 degrees, so lots of water is needed.

Varanasi is a really spiritual place, everyone keeps going on about Karma. Also about death and the Mother Ganges River. I really do not want to know how many dead bodies there are down there! People bathe and drink there and live there, it's amazing.
If you ever visit, you have to take an aoturickshaw ride for those thrill seekers. If you get one in Varanasi, it's even more of a thrill with near death experiences, they're really crazy here.

We're off to Dehli again soon to catch a flight to Goa so we can chill on the beaches... but we have to get on a train to Dehli first.:(

Anyway, beezer signing off for now.