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bee’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Location: Palolem, India

MapGoa is such a contrast to the cities in India. It's so chilled here but more touristy. Everything in Palolem so far has been idillic. I've finally topped up on my tan/lobster look. Dave's gone spit roast style (typical Brit). The food here is delish, lots of seafood and english style catered meals. The funniest thing is the indian spelling. I thought mine was bad.

I'm currently living in a tree house made out of palm leaves and little else. I'm hiring a moped tomorrow to scope out the southern part of Goa.

I've put somemore pics on of Goa so you can see.

Oh... I'm not that lucky. I finally got Delhi belly.

I'm off to empty my bowels in a bucket now so goodbye for now.