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bee’s Travel Diary

Monday, 29 May 2006

Location: Mysore - Ooty, India

MapHi all,

Mysore whizzed by really quickly, but we managed to go up Chamundi Hill and the grand Maharaja's Palace - similar but better than Brighton Pavillion.

I ate green tandoori chicken, which was weird and authentic street food on our last night in Mysore. We also had HBO in our hotel so I'm so sad and watched the American Idol final. So glad with the outcome.

Took a tour bus to Ooty at 7.30am the next day and ate the spiciest curry to date. Keep well clear of Hyderbadi curries! Went to the Ooty botanical gardens the next day where the rain began. Thank God for my poncho!
It hasn't stopped since and it's getting really cold like 8 degrees. But as this is in a mountain range on the Western Ghats I should expect it. All day treeking in the rain yesterday up to the Toda villages and tea plantations was like hiking in the highlands of Scotland! Highlight of my day on the hike was a Belgian girl who decided to go on the hike, drag her fat carcass through the mud, up the wet rocks in flip flops! She fell on her ass and rolled down the hill. As she was always at the back of the group, we never knew her name and called her flip-flops.

Decided that we should move tomorrow and are heading to Cochin in the state of Kerala. For those with lots of time, you can multimap it.

Will let you know what Cochin is like soon.

Fact of the day: Most of the Southern Indian towns and cities have more than one name making orientation confusing. Cochin has three names. Cochin, Kochi and Ernakulam.

Beezer x