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bee’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Jul 2006

Location: Siam Reap, Cambodia


It looks like I've jumped leaps and bounds since my last entry.
Since I last wrote. I returned to awful Chennai to pick up my Thai visa and had an exact awful experience as the last time. We stayed in Mamallapuram a bit longer chill in the quieter town and flew from Chennai to Mumbai on 24th June.

Arriving at Mumbai at 1am was not fun especially when you're really tired and have to find the hotel reseved earlier only to find that they never reserved a room for you in the first place. "Sók though, went found a better room in the same building!

We stayed for 4 days in Mumbai trying to take in as many sights as possible despite the heavy monsoon rainfall all day everyday. We visited the famous gate of India, hungout with Mumbai's elite at the Mocha sheesha bar, and toured the hundreds of market stalls at Crawford market. The last day was left to complete retail therapy, which is regrettable now as it's really heavy.

Our flight to Bankok left Mumbai International at 5am. Arriving at the airport at midnight was not a fun wait. I kept falling asleep during everything, that Dave practically carried me on to the plane for boarding. With no sleep at all during the flight we arrived in Bangkok to a massive crowd of tourists at passport control in the airport. We grabbed a cab to where our hotel was located. Unbeknown to us the driver dropped us off at the famous Kho San Road and couldn't be bothered to take us to our hotel. So we found a hotel on Ko San Road. Bangkok is so different to India in nearly every aspect. Quieter, cleaner and very catered for tourists. Big shopping malls and modern transport systems. Everything felt to easy and luxurious on this part of the holiday.

The last couple of days consisted of picking up a few necessary items for our trip to Cambodia and also a chance tobrowse at the things that interest my shopping bug. I.e. shoes!!!!

Today we woke up at 4am to catch the first bus out of Bangkok towards the Thai/Cambodian border. After the trauma of immigration from both sides, I'm so glad that I've finally made it to Siam Reap to see the Angkor Wat temples tomorrow.

Let you know how that goes...

Luv Bee