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bee’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Jul 2006

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

MapGreetings from Chiang Mai,

Yep finally got bored of sitting on a beach in Ko Chang, so decided to head up to the North and see what it has to offer.

Since I last wrote, Dave and I are really lucky. We hired a moped to travel around the whole of Ko Chang, seeing secluded beaches and and had a small accident. Don't worry though we're both fine with a lucky escape. Unfortunately for Dave he broke my fall and took the worst of it. We had to cough up quite a bit for the superficial damage to the bike and hide all our cuts and grazings. I'm going to return home looking like I've been through wars...

The next day it was time to go. I think we had exhausted all the sights of Ko Chang. So we took a taxi to the ferry port; the ferry to the mainland; a 5hrs coach trip with lots of annoying tourists singing James Blunt; a taxi to Bangkok airport; a plane to Chiang Mai and finally a taxi to our hotel in Chaing Mai. Woo!

The next day, we focused on organising ourselves on a trekking tour. Unfortunately we have temporarily separated as we wanted to do different types of trekking. Dave opted for the hardcore 3 day trekking and I went for the 2 days more outdoor activities.The elephant ride, bamboo raft and white water rafting whilst spending the night with the Lahu Hilltribes. We also had a 3hr, uphill, sliding in the mud trek. I've just returned from that today and am alone until tomorrow when Dave returns. I've booked myself on a thai cooking class tomorrow so that I can cook more thai food for my family.

Hope everyone is well.

Bee x