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bee’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Jul 2006

Location: Thailand


Finally left north Thailand. It's so hot there.

The thai cookery course was wicked. I learned how to carve a watermelon into a flower and make all the curries.
Dave returned and we decided to try a Thai massage... No not the type that you are thinking. A authentic thai massage. It was wicked.

We headed up to the moutains that afternoon, to a place called Pai. A bit touristy but beautiful hills and scenery and temples.
We headed to the hot springs on our first day where I attempted to boil an egg in the spring, but it was a shoddy attempt.

The next day, we walked in the heat of the day to the Temple on the hill which was beautiful but hard work. Then grabbed a minibus back to Chiang Mai.

We only stayed in Chiang Mai for one night and woke up early the next day to get a bus to Sukothai where there are many ruined temples. Sukothai was so hot!!! The temples were cool, but I felt a little templed out especially after all the temples we had visited and the heat.

The next day, which is today we woke up at 6am to get an early but to Ayuthaya - another town famous for temples. Tonight we are doing the sunset tour of the temples so hopefully the photos will have a different view to the others.

Bee signing off for now...