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The epic.’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Apr 2006

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Map so i jus got to japan yesterday, longggg flight, instead of watching a bunch of movies, ended up watching cartoon network for like 6 hours straight, i did watch triston and isole but there was no other interesting sounding movies. almost didnt make it to the airport for my flight cuz my dad was litterally about 3 inches from running into a family of deer on the highway, have no idea how we missed them but my dad screamed like a girl so it was funny. anyways, after i got to japan, i was taking a train to my freinds house n there was some crazy guy on the train randomly laighing and yellin shit at the top of his lungs. i think at one point he saw me and yelled hey forigner! anyways, i miss that shit, crazy people in trains were always funny haha. after i got to my freinds, we ate dinner, and cuz of a lil jet lag i went to bed early, and woke up about 6:30 this morning. after i woke up, i went for an hour jog and did some capoeira out in the park. i felt like i was in one of those cool fighting movies cuz i was out in a park training ina different country haha. at the park i met some old lady walking her dog and she tried to speak english to me cuz she was studying it. yea basically she couldnt do it so we ended up talkin in japanese hah. well, i will update with more adventures laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.