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The epic.’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 20 May 2006

Location: shiga, Japan

Maptoday i slept most of the day, luckily i wasnt hung over from the night before though hah. i went to shiga at about 4 and thought id try n meet up with my freind from africa at his shop in the mall, and of course he wasnt there again haha, dunno if ill be seein him this time around. after that, i went to the food court and happened to run into my ex host family there by chance. luckily they treated me to lunch too so i made out good cuz i got free food n got to see them one last time haha. after that, i went to breakdance practice, and turns out only one other guy, kishi, turned up. the 2 of us worked on back flips n such till we got tuckered out, then we met up with my freind nobuo and the 3 of us went out to eat. why is food in japan so damn expensiveeee grr. oh well. after that, nothin else to do so i jus came back home. it was a pretty normal day. tomorrow there is a breakdance battle in osaka but im feelin lazy n dunno if i will go, we will see what tomorrow brings.