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The epic.’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Location: kyoto, Japan

Maptoday i finally met up with some of my american freinds that i used to work with wen i lived here 2 years ago. us and my freind keita and my old boss iio-san all went to monkey park in arashiyama, kyoto first today. at monkey park we got to feed monkeys, throw rocks at em, and i was breakdance fightin with some of em too. those monkeys are crazy scary if u piss em off though haha. luckily i made sure to take plenty of video and pictures of it all.after that, we went to kiomizu temple, and i got flocked by waves and waves of middle school students and they kept askin me to take a picture with them. those japanese school girls sure love foriegners haha. there was this one guy too, that loved me for some reason and gave me his bus pass as a souvinere haha. also, there was these 3 chicks we ran into twice and they kept askin to take pictures with them and stuff, ah its like bein like a celebrity when im over here haha. i love it. after seein the temple, we walked forever all around downtown kyoto lookin for stuff to do. we also met up with a girl we all used to work with, noriko, and visited her at work. after that, we all went to do some "purikura" which is like wallet sized photo booths that is real popular among the japanese youngings. anyways, they had a costume one, and somehow we manged to talk the person in charge into letting us put on the woman uniforms, so we got pictures of me and iio-san wearing traditional china dresses, and my freind keita wearing a chearleaders outfit haha. then, we all went to eat at an italian restraunt and i got to have some pasta in a squid ink sauce. that stuff was soooo good, but it stained my teeth and tounge black sooo badly hahaha. after that we were pretty much tuckered out so we walked our way back to my freinds hotel room. its some crazy hotel where the rooms are $400 a night, but luckily my freind works for a hotel so he managed to get the room for $90. there is 5 people stayin in this 2 bed room, but im gonna try n squeeze in too for the night just cuz its a long walk back to where im usually stayin at. ahhh, less than a week till i go back to the US. dun wanna go...