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The epic.’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 May 2006

Location: kyoto and shiga, Japan

MapYesterday i went and saw V For Vendetta, and it wasnt as good as i thought it would be. i have how expensive theatres in japan are, when i went to see Da Vinci code, it was 18 dollars!!! crazy.. after that, i finally got to eat at shakeys pizza. i love that place, all you can eat pizza. and they got crazy toppings too like corn and tuna n such. still good tho. after that, i met up with shingo and his freind, and we did a lil drinkin and headed to the NUJABES concert. the concert was from 9pm to 5am, and the club it was at was jampacked. it was sooooo hot in there too. i was drinking, dancing, had no water, and there was so many people, i thought i was gonna die haha. the concert was really good tho, and i got to meet NUJABES himself( his real name is Seba. Jun, NUJABES spelled backwards haha).after that, i took the 5am train home and went to bed at 6am. then, i had to meet up with some of my freinds for lunch, so i woke up at 1, headed back to downtown kyoto and had some yaki-tori(bbq chicken) for some reason i cant get enough of chicken hearts. they taste goood mmmmmm haha. after eatin there, i headed to shiga with andrew, my ol roomate, and then met up with my breakdancin freinds. got one last practice in, then headed back home. ahhhh, tomorrow is my last full day here, i really do not want to go back to america at all. not looking forward to it whatsoever. grrrrrrrrrrrrr