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Lino’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Jun 2006

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

MapFor those of you who don't know, I am arriving bac kin Kaapie Town in 2 weeks! -the 28th of June! -so we are all gonna have a big one at Forries-see you there! :-)
Besides that this is my last week of work! -I finish on Sunday. This Friday seana nd I are going to Tarawhere with his parents-its on a huge lake in Rotorua just for one night-and then coming back for work on Saturday.
Really looking forward to getting home and planning the second half of my year. I may be heading off to Russia as I have met alot of Russian people here and they all really want me to come visit.
Other than tha I wanna catch on myself anfd everyone back at home, get a bit fit... etc
Looking forward to seeing you all and keep the messages rolling!
Miss you all, Love Lino