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Govern’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 May 2006

Location: Kerriville, Camp Stewart, USA

MapTo put it mildly, last nights antics were a bit of a flop with the activity ending up in me and my mate Jim, going down to Walmart for supplies, closely followed by a visit to Chilis Diner in Kerrville, where we met up with a few others from camp.

Before this disappointment however, I played my first ever game of Kickball, it's the same game they play on Disney's Recess, i.e. baseballrules, but no bat, so you use your feet instead.

As you might have guessed if you've seen how I kick a football, you'd realise how far I can kick a kickball. According to the Americans, I 'owned that game'. My first touch of a kick ball would see me catch out one of the opposition on the firstkick of the game, standing all the way at 2nd base. 1-0 Guv. However due to cheating from the opposition, which kept moving thebases whe we were talking strategies, we lost 10-9.

Today saw me become accustomed to the art of CPR and First Aid, so don't try and die when i'm around because I'm probably not going to want to give you mouth-to-mouth.

Redneck catchprases such as 'yall' and 'dooshbag' are steadily creeping into my vocabulary, which is starting to get on my nerves.

Temperature at the moment is a nice 95 F, toasty warm.
I finished the First Aid course at 2.30and have got practically the rest of the day off, soI think i'm probably going to shoot some hoops in the Gym.

After Dinner we've got to come up with a plan for the stunt we're performing after dinner tomorrow. So Until tomorrow, goodbye.