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Govern’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 May 2006

Location: Camp America, Kerrville, USA

MapToday started as normal, getting up at 7.00 having breakfast at 8, which was then followed by a free period of nothing but Basketball, where I again learned how bad South Africans are at Basketball as well as the Americans.

After lunch I began the first part of my course in riflery, where I would learn to shoot anything that resmebled an English soldier or an Iraqi. Just kidding, the Americans are pretty cool about the whole Friendly Fire thing.

The lesson took us through the basics and fundamentals of how to shoot a rifle, as well as the parts involved with all types of rifles and shotguns.

The night also brought about the Chuck Norris stunt which we performed to the rest of the camp, this was basically Blake, going round different events on camp and annihilating the competition to become the champion of Camp Stewart.

After the end of the stunts there was another trip to the Basketball court, where I showed my 'game' to even more Americans.

I also found out that the entire ground staff, is made up of Mexicans, and if that wasn't sterotypical enough for you, half of them aren't exactly legal...if you know what I mean.