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Govern’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Jun 2006

Location: USA


After the amazing meal at Mama Citas, we got back to camp and walked to the Kerville version of Stonehenge, or Stonehenge II as the public calls it.

It's a local hangout where you go just to chill at the end of the day, and finally after scaring the hell out of a couple of people already there, we headed back to base, with the disappointment that our portable brewer Jim, had managed to woo one of the girls from Heart of the Hills, and so the beers just weren't to be.

I awoke at about 11.00 on Saturday morning for an extremely lazy time which involved me and a couple of other folks on camp sitting in the lounge watching a few horror films and then Pirates of the Carribbean.

At 6pm we headed over to Cici's where we all had the ultimate Pizza Buffet, involving unlimited drink, pizza, pasta and dessert for a meager $4.25 or 2 GBP (Everything over here is ridiculously cheap, the food, the drinks which are 9 times out of 10 refillable and petrol. Which works out to about (1 GBP for a gallon, so thats 4 times cheaper than back home, one of the benefits of invading a middle eastern country, removing a tyrant and then claiming the oil for your own, I guess).

After the amazinig Pizza Buffet, we headed over to Crider's, a Rodeo that happens every Weekend, about 5 minutes drive from Camp.

The entertainment, consists of the usual shenanigans you would expect from a rodeo. i.e Bull Riding, Steer Lasooing and of course bull-fighting.

All in all a pretty good night.