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Govern’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 08 Jun 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapToday sees the longest of it's kind here at Camp Stewart, with me counting down the pain staking 13 hours of pure Hell, until I finally get my first night off.

At this point I could probably kill just for a taste of real food, and not the pepper coated slop that gets served to us in the canteen. The first two weeks at camp without the kids must have seen us demolish the only decent food that was available to eat.

Today we had to endure, Captain Morgan's Chicken, which is basically reformed chicken pieces, 2 week old olives and crushed pecan nuts. The kids were not impressed and neither was I.

However a couple of activities later and I was home free. Off to light the town of Kerrville, or at least the local burger bar, Walmart, which we found out really does sell everything as a sign on the door on the way in says, 'No Soliciting' and also the laundr-o-mat.

I arrive back home tired but fed on a bacon cheese burger from Chili's Mexican Diner and also slightly intoxicated from a few "Gatorades" if you catchmy drift. Time 1.00am