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Govern’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Jun 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapThe start of a new day and a new week. Back to business as usual, with the kids going back to their daily activities and of course me regaining a week long headache.

Half of the kids in my cabin want to go home (At last the stories of ghosts and demonic albino skunks have rattled their cages!!! Only Joking) mainly due to the slop they serve in the DIner, which today was meant to resemble pork, but was told was in fact chicken (Obviously I didn't eat any of that), and the cooks also attempted to add an English feel to the cuisine by making Bread and Butter pudding with cinammon. There is nothing like Bread and Butter pudding with cinammon and this was nothing like Bread and Butter pudding with cinammon.

The horrible cooking is mainly down to the fact that the entire kitchen staff bar two people are all from Ukraine and so this is present in the food that come through the hatch each mealtime.

The day ended with a campfire down by the dam here at Camp Stewart and a few Sodas saw that the kids were happy enough to sleep.

Oh well only another 18 days until the kids leave...