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Govern’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Jun 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapThe kids are driving me KRAAZZYY!!!! They just won't stop whining. So to resolve this I had a little chat with all of them.

First of all I reminded them that they're 14 and not 4, so that got their attention and secondly that they're acting like a bunch of girls, so immediately they spring into macho BS mode and begin to take stock of their immaturity.

Tonight sees us camping out at blue hole, the outcome of which will determine how much sleep the kids will have on top of their normal allowance.

We begin by cooking hotdogs and roasting marshmallows, which again has probably served us some of the best food we've eaten at camp.

I got the old guitar out (stolen from my co-counselor) and sang a few songs, one kid even asked me to help him write a song for his girlfriend which was pretty kool.

We finished the camp by watching King Kong on the laptop computer (again stolen from my co-counselor) which ensured that the kids went straight to sleep.

Now all I have to worry about is the damn reports which are in again tomorrow, only 6 days after the last bunch, and to make matters worse we only recieved the report folders at 8pm tonight.

God Dang it Bobby! (In true Hank Hill Texas Accent)