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Govern’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Jun 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapToday saw the usual task of getting the kids to their activities on time with as little hassle as possible. However, the only problem I had was Nurse Gene. The camp nurse, who looks like she was here before the camp as, Circa 1800 and insists on force-feeding practically all of the kids tablets for various different concoctions, therefore making both me and my kids look bad.

Tonight saw the Waldermore girls camp dance, which featured yours truly as part of the security team, which basically means I get to scare the crap out of the campers and their pre-adolescent female counter parts. And...I also get a pretty kool t-shirt with Dance Security on the back which definitly impresses the female counselors. I mean what could be more appealing to an American girl than a Brit who works Security.

All in all a pretty boring night.