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Govern’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Jun 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapThe second to last Wednesday of the term and also the day of the last dance of term. Which means no yelling at the kids to stop fighting over cookies or sodas (I mean cans of pop and biscuits...god damn molestation of the English language, those dumb Americans, grrrrrrr).

Afternoon activities finished pretty early so we had time to get the kids ready before the bus left. We arrived at Heart of the Hills camp, where we were greeted with ice cold beverages of Dr. Thunder, a cheap and nasty version of Dr. Pepper and white chocolate chip cookies.

The music this time was a lot better than the other dances, seeing hits such as 'Play that Funky Music' and 'Back in Black', so far so good.

A couple of the Heart girls wanted my Led Zeppelin top but that was never gonna happen. Officially I was a Stewart Counselor, but unofficially I was there to rock. So after about 1 hour, it was time for my night off which included a trip to Walmart top pick up a few beverages of the alcoholic variety, which also included a stop-off at the local Maccy D's for a burger. Delicious.

So at 1am we merrily arrived back at camp, a little red faced but coherent nonetheless.