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Govern’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Jun 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapFrom this day forth, the 23rd June, will now be known as Americana day. A day that will forever stick in my memory and will also serve as one for the life box.

The day began like any other, seeing me shipping the kids off to breakfast, and then off to morning activities.

This was all the way up until lunch time, where things took a turn for the better...a whole lot better. The kids were taken down to the riflery range, where things looked a little different. There were no 22 rifles laid out and ready to fire, and all of the kids were sitting quietly, staring at Boyd Geiger (Part-time FBI Agent, Full time Superhero). He then gave his talk about what the bureau is about, how he's a CT Agent (Counter-terrorism, a real-life Jack Bauer), and what the kids needed to do, if they wanted to become an Agent in the FBI.

He then instructed the kids to sit around the rifle range paying close attention to the centre. He took the best shooter that we have out of the campers at Stewart, and proceeded to mark out two targets onto A3 in the shape of him.

What happened next was unfathomable. Into my hands Boyd placed, what some describe as a sceptre of god, an instrument of death, or as many people know it a SPAS-12 pump action shotgun, containing none other than 2 slug shotgun pellets. Most shotgun's fire buckshot ammo, the standard ammo which spreads out when fired, however, the ammunition we were using for all intensive purposes fires an ounce of pure metal to the unfortunate being whose appointment with their maker was due.

The kick that eminated from the shotgun, could easily take out a man's shoulder, or send a small boy on a one-way trip to Pluto.
The most awesome feeling in the world...ever.

The shotgun was then passed around all of the other counselors present and then put away, much to the dismay fo myself and my fellow co-counsleors. But the fun was not over yet, not by a longshot, for in the final bag that was opened, an even more destructive harbinger of doom, was unleashed, a force so evil that the wails of souls lost in the depths of hell, could be heard by the human ear. This harbinger was infact, an M4 LE Assault Rifle, now used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

An M4 is practically an M16, with a slightly smaller stock, which brings with it increased accuracy in a package that ways only 6 pounds, or at least that's what Boyd told us.

Basically this gun had pinpoint accuracy wiht an unstoppable 20 magazine clip that would leave a man absolutely 100% DEAD.

Unfortunately this dream come true had to end, mainly because we'd run out, but also because the once pristeen cardboard targets were now obliterated beyond belief.

The night saw my first ever full-on Road Trip, thanks to my American friend Jesse Reyes who lent me his Ford Explorer for the night. (American's are crazy, who else would give a 'stiff-ass brit' their car for the night (especially this one) and still expect it to be in one piece by morning. Our road trip lasted about 5 hours seeing 2 trips to Walmart, 10 mins at the laundry and then a couple of hours just chilling, at Starbucks, a perfect end, to a perfect Americana day.