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Govern’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Jun 2006

Location: Camp Stewat, Kerrville, USA

MapMerry Christmas, everyone.

Today is Christmas Day, and so all the kids are extremely excited about the days events.
First it's off to the Green Cathedral for chapel, which wasn't overly bad, as we had the opportunity to sing a few Christmas Carols, which seems surreal when the temperature is in the high 80s F.

All of the England boys were excited over our win over Ecuador and also the fantastic tackle put in by Ashley Cole, which sees him rise up in my estimations as an England worthy defender.
We were also looking forward to a slap-up christmas dinner, where we were expecting chicken...however this wasn't to be and so instead we had turkey, which was nice.

The rest of the meal however well and truly, SUCKED.
There was mashed sweet potato, which would have been great if some numpt hadn't put marchmallows in it, then there was Pecan Pie, which was another bright idea, seen as half of the camp have a nut allergy. But the piece de resistance, had to go to the concoction of Pineapple, carrots, oranges, coconut shavings and marshmallow. There's nothing like a good Christmas Dinner and that was nothing like a good Christmas Dinner.

The afternoon was broken up by a treasure trail called The Superthon, where teams are split off into different countries, I had the displeasure of coaching Team Sweden, which consisted of more younger kids than older, so our chances were sufficiently lowered as a result.

The challenges included, balloon popping, free throws and eating contests in relay until we reached the finish. Team Sweden finished in 14th place offically but because some of the teams cheated we rose straight to 9th place, a respectable position considering.