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Govern’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Jun 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapAgain the normal drudgery of making sure the kids are at their activities, that they've showered cleaned their teeth and tidied their cabin, fills today as it has done most days.

More importantly however is the fact that today sees my last night off until Friday when I get a full 4 days off from babysitting the spoilt youth I have had the pleasure of sharing a room with for 3 and a bit solid weeks. Luckily though I haven't gone insane...yet!

Tonight was just a night to chill out with a few of the lads at camp over a cup of hot tea from Starbucks, (and not the ice tea with milk that I was initially served...still that's underpaid
acne-ridden 16 year olds for you) and talk about these past few weeks.

An added bonus for tonight was the kind donation of BMW courtesy of Jim Stewart, a Texan who resides in the city of Dallas, who in the true American way simply allowed me to have full posession of his auto for the night. Thanks Jim.

After much talk about camp, as well as a debate on 'What the American Dream Really Is?' and 'Can it Really Happen'. We headed on back to Stewart for the beginning of the last 3 days of term.