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Govern’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Jun 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapWell only 2 days left until the kids are finally gone. WooHoo!.

Today saw another day of boredom, and whining from the kids at camp. The food today again was reasonably bland, boring and of course chicken, for both lunch and dinner as well but there was the highlight of pancakes and sausage for breakfast which helped to get me through the morning relatively unscathed.

The afternoon, however saw me finishing off the remainder of a box of 20 guage shotgun ammuntion down at the range (a superb stress reliever) just before the finals of the Senior Side League Game Finals, which unfortunately my team was not a part of as we got knocked out in the Basketball semi-finals.

We did howeer get to watch the finals of the game, shortly followed by the finals of the Fatboy Tennis Tournament, which featured the Senior Side Camp Director, Andy Murray and his partner, taking on the mighty Englishman Allen MacPherson and his partner.

Andy Murray had won the final last year in an extremely tightly played match. However the awesome skill of Allen MacPherson was too much for the Scot who unfortunately didn't play anywhere as well as his Wimbledon namesake.

The match finished 8 games to 2 overall.