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Govern’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Jul 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapAs I awake to the hardwood floor that is Dino Loft, the sudden realisation of how much beer was actually consumed last night begins to take effect. There are Budweiser cans everywhere, as well as a couple of Cheerleader Beer (or Smirnoff Ice) bottles which were brought along by the Horseback Girls who joined in the end of term festivities.

The day would be an action packed event, which started off by the introduction of a game that will change the world of Sports as we know it today.

This game is of course, Ruggis. The single greatest game ever invented by man. Some may say a game so good it may be better than football. This game is simple but addictive, played on a tennis court by 4 players the rules are simple.

The game is played like Tennis, i.e. a rugby ball is thrown over the net, but it must land within the designated service box. The ball is then allowed to bounce twice, in which time the opoosition must either pick up the ball or kick it over the net.

So far so good.

After this point a rally continues, with both sides catching and either throwing or kicking the ball, so that on the ball's first bounce it remains on the court. After this first bounce the rugby ball can then bounce anywhere even outside of the court lines.

The scoring is the same as in Tennis, i.e. 0, 15, 30 , 40, Game. A point is scored, if the ball bounces more than 2 times, or if the ball does not land in the court, on it's first bounce.

The creators of this game are Allen MacPherson, the Camp Stewart Tennis Coach and a newcomer to Camp Stewart this term. Sven who is also another Englishman. Obviously his Mom and Dad must have had a asnese of humour giving him a Swedish Name.

Sven however has obviously recieved some flak for his poor team selection and substitutions which led to England's Quarter Final exit this morning.

The night saw us head out to K-Town's (Kerrville's) local cinema, to see the newly released 'Superman Returns', which was one of the best films I've seen in a long time. *****

Then it was off to the Rodeo, that is Crider's for a few beers and to meet up with the Kiwi twins that we met at the all you can eat pizza hut buffet in K-Town before the cinema.

After Crider's Myself, Allen and Sven, embarked on the 2 hour long walk back to Camp Stewart, 'for shits and giggles', which did see us shit ourselves and giggle. Mainly becaue of the wolf noises that were echoed across the plains and also because we were pulled over by the local law enforcement, who mistook us for 3 youths who had run away from them earlier in the night. Yes officer, I'm pretty sure that our England shirts identify us as rapscallion of Kerrville, Jackass and that our English Accents are obviously put on in order to attempt someone of your obviously high IQ. Backwards Redneck Yank. I'm suprised he didn't ask us to 'step away from the Ve-Hick-le', and ask to show a license and registration, even though we were on foot.

So finally, after a long journey home which we would have done in under 2 hours if it wasn't for Officer Do-right, we hit the sack at about 3am.