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Govern’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Jul 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapToday is a special day in the American calendar, it is of course
'Independence Day', or as we Brits like to call it, 'how to piss off the American's most day!'

How else can we get back for the whole Redcoat/George Washington thing? After all it's not our fault that the Yanks wouldn't play fair, I mean how hard can it be to stand in a line, and fight just as our soldiers did?

Many thoughts came into our heads. Some of them included, tying the British flag to the Cross on the top of Joy Bluff, however that would have probably ended up with me on a premature flight back to England. Another was to dress up as Redcoats and interrupt the 'supposed' parade, but again we'd probably be on the next plane home to England.

So instead we did the only thing we could to overcome the American's once and for all. We started our very own
re-enactment of the Battle for Independence...using Roman Candles, which we fired at each other across the field. Obviously there were no casualties, but as we were outnumbered 3:1 I'd call that a victory for the British. Come On...back of the net.

After that exchange of Blood, Sweat and Flares (see what I did there!) it was time for an early rest before the 2nd bunch of kids arrive tomorrow.