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Govern’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Jul 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

Map20 Days to go, and breakfast wasn't actually that bad, seeing bagels with cheese and a bowl of melon, reaching the breakfast table, all washed down with a cup of imported PG Tips. Spot On!

The day progressed as normal with the kids going to their activities without question, and without causing me or 'the aussie legend' Brook Kennedy any problems.

At bugle call it was time to hop into my friends Ford Explorer which was kindly donated to be used as a transportation device for the evening. Our Destination K-Town (Kerrville). The time 10pm.

Our first stop saw us join our fellow counselors at the now world-reknowned 'Oyster Bar', the only place in America that doesn't bother to ID, it's clientele. Fantastic.

Unfortunately me being DD (Designated Driver) meant that I couldn't consume the alcoholic beverage, we all know and love as beer, but a good time was had nonetheless.

Our trusty barmaid, Karen kept the drinks flowing all night, and only charged us $5 each and kept the bar open for an extra hour for us. That's the kind of hospitality you just don't get back home.

After the merriment that was 'The Oyster Bar', a visit to the 24 hour Whataburger was made in order to get our hands on some well-deserved, real food, which came in the shape of 'The Big and Heary' which for all intensive purposes is basically half a cow, garnished with a river of ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard, pinned down between two burger buns. Possibly the best meal we've eaten in the last 7 days.

We arrived well watered and fed, back at Camp Stewart at 2.00AM
The perfect end to the perfect night.