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Govern’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Jul 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapAfter last night's thrilling night out in K-Town, is was back to the drudgery that is Camp Stewart. Again the kids are exceptionally good, which leads me to believe they are creating an uber-plot against me. A horror so terrifying I may actually have to kill someone.

The nicety of the campers however leaves me without a release for the stress of being a Cabin Leader here at Stewart, no-one campers to shout out, and in a way it leaves me hollow.

The day progresses as normal, and finishes with the term's first dance at Camp Mystic. Last term both the campers and counselors were pretty welcoming, put up with an acapella rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody featuring all of the counselors, and were kind enough to give us Punch and Cookies. The counselors were all pretty much the same age as us, and so a good time was had by all.

This term however, it turned out that we were babysitting both the Camp Stewart and Camp Mystic kids, as well as the Counselors who work their, mainly because of the fact that the oldest counselor any of us spoke to was 19, with the youngest being 17, leaving all of us feeling a little bit like Arnie in 'Kindergarten Cop'.

Thankfully the dance finished an hour earlier than last term, much to the approval of myself and my fellow Stewart comrades.