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Govern’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Jul 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapToday was not a very good day in the life of 'Guv', a name by which the kids have finally started calling me, ever since the office made me a nametag with the name 'The Governor, written on it. (It's funny to see the silly Mexican kids, say why is your name 'The').

First of all it was time for me to realise just how badly yesterdays' quarter-final had taken its tole on me as well as my back. As I struggled through breakfast, I finally managed to get myself to the infirmary at about 10am. I was then given 4 giant Advil pain killing tablets the size of the 22 bullets we fire down at the range and forced to take them by a part demon, part hospital matron by the name of 'Gene'.

Until 6pm I can remember nothing as I instantly hit the bed and slept solidly through both lunch and rest period.
Needless to say I awoke feeling refresehed albeit a little sore.

Even after all this time of slumber I still manage to sleep 30 mins over the time I'm supposed to get the kids out of bed...oh well...c'est la vie as my French Kid would no doubt say.