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Govern’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Jul 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapToday, the 22nd July 2006, shall from this day forth be known as...'Holy Crap, We're All Gonna Drown in a Horrible Watery Grave Day'.

The day started off as it usually does, with a nice 7am wake-up call followed by an hour of bedlam trying to get the kids to tidy the cabin and get out for breakfast on time.

There was an air of eagerness circulating throughout the counselors for it was time once again for the arrival of Boyd Geiger (Part-time FBI Agent, Full-Time Superhero) and his SUV of toys to arrive.

He brought along the usual attire, including his .40 calibre Glock 22 semi-automatic pistol, his 12-guage Remington 480 shotgun and of course the ever so loveable M4 LE Assault Rifle, with a brand new modification. A holosight which paints a big red circle on the target which you can see but they cannot, ideal for taking out a target using the full element of suprise.

(For those of you who do not like guns, I apologise for my detailing of what may seem like a load of useless knowledge, and my 'boy with toys' trip has now ended.

Anyway the demonstration which saw me fire these instruments of death occurred during an onslaught of torrential and persistent rain, with the echoing cackle of thunder eminating from the Downtown K-Town area. By the end of this demonstration, the elements had reached a level of such monstrosity, that you folks back home could only imagine. The 'Oh My God' and 'Save all Women and Children First' meters were off the charts.

At the rifle range where me and my fellow counselors, Howard, Kyle, the Swedish Pimp, Robin (who is actually from Sweden) and of course Boyd Geiger were stood was in the space of 10 minutes surrounded by water, leaving the kids and the rest of the counselors a little spooked. Boyd Geiger, did the only thing that a part-FBI Agent, Full-time Superhero would do, he saved an old lady from a burning house...nah, i'm just kidding he took the guns back to his pristine Lexus, with no doubt armour plating and ushered the counselors and the children into the nearby guest-house. Where we gorged on the finest cuisine we have eaten since arriving here at Camp Stewart, I am of course referring to Tortilla Chips and Dip, where for the next 20-25 minutes we waited out the storm.

On a serious note, this 30 minute storm, caused a ridiculous amount of damage, trees had been struck and were lying a top (at this point of me writing, fellow counselor Hayden Judd, who resides in New Zealand says 'Hi') 3 cabins, the roof of the camps' show barn was completely ripped off and one of the cabins was flooded. For such a short storm this was quite an imptressive show of natures true force. Thankfully none of the campers or staff were injured and so after a delicious taco dinner it was off to bed to sleep off the rain that followed one of the biggest storms I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing.