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Govern’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Jul 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapAnd so as the end of yet another long (but not so hellish) term comes to its end, it is time once again for the 'most famous relay race in the world' to take place.

I am of course referring to 'The Superthon', a cataclismic race of over 20 activities including the '50 yard forwards roll' and of course the world renowned 'eating marathon' which this year saw all of the competitors 'blowing chinks', sorry I mean 'blowing chunks (inadvertent Vietnam Joke...the Americans love 'em).

Last term saw me running around like a headless chicken trying to keep up with the older kids in my relay team, whilst at the same time ensuring that the younger kids, didn't get left too far behind. This term however saw me in a more 'relaxed roll' heading up the pull-up bars. Too be completely honest, it's a good job no-one asked me to do a demonstration, as my maximum chin-up number is about 2 after that, I'll collapse into a heap on the floor. The kids however easily accomplished the feat of 5 chin-ups on the bar, and staggeringly all of the 15 teams which this year were named after colleges, completed the event in just under 5 minutes, giving me plenty of time to kick back and relax in the counselors lounge, with a well deserved soda.

Today also saw the removal of one of the members of staff, for his inability to work successfully in the Camp Stewart Environment. In English this yank was a Grade-A Dick.

He would show off his basketball skills and get his kicks by scoring points on the 7 year old kids. This idiot is on one of the photos, on this website. It's the one labelled 'Me and FB'. FB stands for 'f--king Bryan' by the way, which means the person you keep in our circle of friends so that you can make yourself feel better and that you're actually doing a good job.

It was then off for a quick hotdog cook-out with the cabin at the old campfire site. Then off to bed for some shut-eye, as tomorrow will see the beginnings of the last week of term. Fantastic!!!