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Govern’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Jul 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapA normal Thursday here at Camp Stewart,and unfortunately the first day until the break without time off. One consolation however is the fact that the kids are almost gone and that this is the final day of activities before the parents arrive tomorrow night.

Me and Brook 'The Aussie Legend' Kennedy have bothchipped in together to buy the kids some well deserved party treats, which included, Gummi Bears, Pringles, a huge bag of candy, pretzels, cheetos and of course a 24 pack of cokes. The reason for this is that these kids have been so much better than the last group of misreants that arrived first term, that we felt that the kids desered more than the simple snickers ice cream bar and a soda that gets brought round on closing night.

All in all we spent about $15 each which can buy you a hell of a lot more food than in the UK, as you would imagine from a country that is going through an obesity epidemic. 'An epidemic, like you'd be telling your grandkids about it, 'Oh it was horrible Timmy, the obesity epidemic of 2006, there was porkchops and cheesecake, everywhere'.

The fact that have to remain on camp tonight does however mean that I get a nice early rest before the stress of tomorrow.