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Govern’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Aug 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapSuccessfully tanked up over the previous night, the celebrations were brought to an abrupt end when the realisation that our restbite was over...! Only to be replaced by the ritual unveiling of the big board, which showed the World that I was to once again be a cabin leader (must be doing something right then) only this time around in a Junior Side cabin.

I've heard many stories from beyond the Senior Bridge, tales of screaming kids, vomiting and of course I'm pretty sure that these can be easily handled when you consider, the type of kids I had to be in charge of over on Senior Side, especially those from 1st Term.

Needless to say there's a camp to be tidied and beer cans tobe disposed of, so until tomorrow, it's goodbye from me.


I forgot to mention on the last day of 2nd Term the Camp Stewart Choir, including the Counselors, performed in front of the parents during closing ceremony a rewritten version of Queen's timeless classic, 'Bohemian Rhapsody', which was retitled 'Ragsdalian Rhapsody' in honour of the Ragsdale Family who own Camp Stewart.

The words were re-written by fellow counselor Dan Messer, and of course Yours Truly. The words are as follows.

Is this just camp life
Is this just fantasy?
Caught on the Rockslide (A campout spot here at Stewart)
No Escape From the Minor Tree (A Haunted Tree)

Open Your Eyes
Look up to the Bluff and see (The cliff behind Stewart)
I'm just a Stewart Boy
I need no Sympathy
Cause I wanna stay, don't wanna leave
Gotta work through advancement (the ranking system of campers)
to get my chief (the highest possible rank)

Anyway the flag blows (American Patriotism)
Doesn't Really Matter to me.

-----Piano Music-----

Mama, just left the camp
Put the rifles in the shed
No more chicken, beef instead (that one's obvious)
Mama, camp had just begun
but now you're gonna drive us all away

Mama, oohooh
I just wanna cry
I sometimes wish I could've stayed for more
Carry On, Carry On
Cause Stewart really matters

Too late our time has come
For us to leave it all behind
SUVs in Lines of 9 (The parents laughed the most at that line)
Goodbye everybody I've got to go
Gotta Leave it all behind and face my school

Mama OohOoh
I just wanna cry, I sometimes wish I could've Stayed for more.
Carry On, Carry On
Cause Stewart Really Matters

------Fast Verse------

I see a little sllhouette of a camp
Guadelupe, Guadelupe (the river by stewart)
Raven's Hawk's and Falcons
Eagles and Condors Chiefs (the divisions on camp)
Make advancement x3
by end of term
by end of teeerrrmmmmmm

I'm just a Stewart Boy Everybody Loves Me
He's Just A Stewart Boy From a Stewart Family
Save him a space for his next stewart term.

Easy Come Easy Go,
Please Don't make me go
I will not go
Please get into the car
let him go,
I will not,
Please get into the car,
let him go,
I will not
Please get into the car
Let him go
Get into the car
let him go
get into the car
let him gooooooooooooo

No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No more Stewart, No More Stewart, No more Stewart let me stay

George Morgan (the camper director who hands out gifts for returning campers) has a bribe put a side, for me, for me, for meeeeee

-----Cue Wayne's World Head banging-----
So you think you can lock me inside of this car.
So you think you can drive me away some place far....
ooooh Counselors, Can't do this to me Counselors
Just Wanna Stay Here
Eat Food prepared by Roy Spears (The Camp Chef)

----Slow Bit-----

No More Stewart Dances (with other Camps)
Anyone Can See
No More Stewart Dances
No More Stewart Dances for Meeeee

-----Even Slower bit------

Si and Kathy Ragsdale (The owners) -------cue gong----------

The most surprising thing aboutthe song isn't the fat, the song made it into the yearbook, or that we got a standing ovation for the performance but the fact we wrote the entire song during chapel.

It truly was a work of God. Yeah Right...just a work of genius on our part!!! But seriously folks that was an awe-inspiring experience and one that I shall never forget.