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Govern’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 02 Aug 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapT-minus 1day till the arrival of the parents and of course the campers of 3rd Term, here at Stewart.

With the countdown continuing its time to meet my co-counselors, who are Sam Straker-Nesbitt, a posh London chap, who has just come out of a 10 year stint in boarding school (might be a bit of a 'niceboy' if you know what I mean) and Toby Mercer who hails from the land of New Zealand.

As well as meeting the counselors on this 'joyous' occaision it's also time to look at the kids who will be in my cabin.
Obviously as there are 14 kids in the cabin I will give you a brief overview of the most extreme.

For example there's a kid who has been placed here at Stewart for the sole purpose of allowing his parents to complete their 'messy' divorce, so he should be a bundle of laughs, as well as a camper who on his personality statement his parents had written was 'extremely kind to animals', however upon closer inspection turns out that 'a recent success was that he had shot and killed a buck on his first hunting trip'. Fantastic a Schizophrenic gunman with a love of animals, should be fun.

Then of course is the plethora of kids so tanked up to their eyeballs, on anti-depressants and an assortment of ADHD combatants, that they probably will never know they even came to Camp Stewart.

Oh well only time will tell, until tomorrow, bye for now.