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Govern’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Aug 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapWell with the first boring day over and done with it's time to finally get the kids into their activities. The day started off quite well, with a kickabout at soccer training, which last term wasn't that bad, because the sports coach was American and so the kids pretty much understood him. However this term it turns out that the new soccer coach, is actually a sunday league player from the land of cockney. So these kids have no chance of understanding him. Especially when many of his phrases include things like, "C'mon Son, get you're nut on the ball" and "You ain't doin yourself any favours boys, by not creating some space".

So that was an extermely funny lesson to take part in with me acting as a translator for poor Mark Baker of Cockneyland.
As the day carried on through Canoeing and into wall climbing the beginnings of the thing I had feared most from these younger campers had begun to emerge. I am of course referring to the dreaded 'Homesickness'.

This gradually got worse amongst some of the kids until it all erupted in the faces of myself and my fellow counselors in Kangaroo Pouch, personified in the from of one camper called Beau (who we keep secretly calling Ali -G for obvious reasons) who walked up to us during a cabin counselor meeting, invading our counselor bubble adn then preceeding to blart everywhere like Paul Gasgoigne at Italia '90.

So after some consoling we finally managed to get all of the kids off to bed. Wicked!