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Govern’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Aug 2006

Location: USA

MapWell its the first and only Sunday of this 3rd term here at Stewart, and one that by tomorrow will leave me felling extremely dead, as not only do we have the usual Sunday antics such as chapel and free swim, but also we have to cram in all 7 activities that we do during a normal week and then if that wasn't enough camp out once more.

Today also sees me taking my first part in chapel, as I've been selected to give the invocation (introduction) to chapel and give a short welcome to everyone at camp. Things didn't go exactly to plan from the word go really, as one kids decided he was going to through a hissy fit because he was homesick (thankfully not from my cabin) and so after he was heavily sedated by the nurse it was time to begin talking into the mic. However, what the well trained mexican family who deal with the electics didn;t take into account was that i stand at a rather large 6ft 6" and so this microphone was set at a height that even Frodo Baggins may have had to crouch to talk into it.

So finally I successfully managed to overcome this minor issue and completed the speech thoroughly, and as it turns out things aren't all that bad as all that time in agony with an overarched back was balanced out by karma in the form of heavens opening to cancel the cabin campout. Fantastic!