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Govern’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Aug 2006

Location: Camp Stewart, Kerrville, USA

MapThis is it ladies and gentlemen, the home stretch as they say, less than 1 week till the removal of the campers with minds like goldfish, campers who have to be reminded which activity is next every 5 minutes, and less than 1 week until I can prepare for the next leg of my trek across America.

Today is nice and easy thanks to the sleep late that came along with the postponed campout, thereby granting me with an hours extra rest.

With the normal activities still on going, business as usual was in effect at Camp Stewart, that was however until rest-period, when I finally got the chance after what seemed like an eternity (or 2 terms working with senior sidekids), to ride a horse here at Camp Stewart, and to anyone who has heard my friend Greg's predictions will find this next bit slightly comical.

After I was clad in Jeans, Riding Boots (donated by my friend Ross Holman from England, from the merry old town of Newquay Baby!!!), and a hard-hat, I was ever so kindly introduced to my horse for the counselor horse ride whose name was of course...'Pedro'.

However this horse was by no means a tiny little donkey, this horse was massive, standing at a massive 18 hands, which is huge for a horse, Pedro was indeed a Beast.

Pedro was a fantastichorse to ride, however their were a few relationship problems to start, such as Pedro trying to buck me off the moment I got on, which apparently is a tst to see if I'm man enough to ride him, somehow I managed to stay on and so we carried on through the trail around camp, until we came to a small jump, which everyone failed to do before me. I went last and at first it seemed like Pedro wanted to show off his stallionness to the rest of the horses around him, seeing him charge towards the jump at full pace, with me struggling to stay on the saddle, however as soon as we got to the jump, he stopped in his tracks and simply stepped over,as if to say 'is that all you've got'.

Even though he wouldn't jump, Pedro provided me with my first and most amazing experiences with horses yet.