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Govern’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Aug 2006

Location: USA

MapAfter a short cab ride to San Antonio Airport, and the final fairwells to the friends at camp, it was time to fly to the starting destination of my (fingers-crossed) trip of a lifetime, but what flight would be complete without the complete search of myself and back-pack due to the increased terror alert, that has swept the world.

Normally I wouldn't mind being searched expect I was the only one out of the 14 people flying out that day...that's right Mr. Customs Man I didn't pack my bags myself, so there's most likely a stash of C4 in there and don't trip over my prayer mat because you'll probably tug on my hairy beard. That's what happened to me with my perfectly valid British Passport, however my Turkish friend Yunus on his Turkish passport, didn't have his bags thoroughly searched but instead got a free upgrade to business class.

After this crazy incident however it was smooth sailing all the way to LAX where I was picked up by the limo service waiting outside the airport.

The first thing that told me however was not the tall skyscraper buildings or the giant Hollywood sign on the way in but in fact the sound of sirens, the sight of a LAPD motorcycle officer pulling over a van, whilst stuck in traffic, and proceeding to remove a large bag of white powder from underneath the front seat of a Cadillac owned by an Afro-American.

Whilst at the hotel I was fortunate enough to get the chance to meet with one of the other passengers on the tour, whose name was Etram, from Croyden, who like me had just finished camp and was doing this trip to fill in the gap before the start of University.

Having felt a bit more secure about the clientele of the trek I went to bed after watching a movie marathon of The Legend of Zorro, Dodgeball...again, Batman Returns and finally Terminator 2 before dozing off before the start of our Trek.