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Govern’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Aug 2006

Location: Disneyland, LA, USA

MapToday's early start, had not bothered me int he slightewst mainly due to the surge of adrenaline and excitement that comes as standard with most eagerly anticipated holidays.

At 7.30 we all met in the lobby of The Hacienda Hotel and met with our fellow trekkers, who included people such as Etram, Rob who comes from Yorkshire and has the same no-nonsense attitude as Peter Kay, Alex from the Land Down Under, as well as a group of 3 sisters one of whom was located at a camp 2 miles away from Camp Stewart, which was weird to say the least as well as a whole host of other people mainly from England, 13 in total.

Our tour guide for the trek is a small Hawaiian woman in her 30s by the name of Tim-Tham Doan, who we have taken to calling Ting Tong as in the Thai Bride off Little Britain.

After a short briefing we headed off to our camp site, Travellers World, situated 2 miles away from our first destination Disneyland.
Disneyland was fun featuring all the usual host of characters, Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Minnie Mouse and so on, as well as a whole smorgesbord of rides including the haunted house which had some really freaky ghost holograms and Splash Mountian a 50ft Log Flume and an awesome Indiana Jones jeep ride, all of which saw big puddles being left by Alex the man from Down Under who hates rides of any description...Great Wet Lettuce!!

The piece de resistance of the whole Disney experience was the fireworks display which featured everything from Mickey Mouse shaped explosions to shooting stars, the best fireworks display I've ever witnessed.

Once the fireworks were over it was back to our tent, where I shared a tent with Rob (Peter Kay). This tent would be our home for the next 21 days and had the codename 'The Admiral' which was a bit random. All in All a superb first day out.