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Govern’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Aug 2006

Location: Super 8 Hotel, Las Vegas Baby!, USA

MapWith our day at Children's Disneyland over it was time to visit the Adult's Disneyland, I am of course talking about Sin City itself...LAS VEGAS, where we would be spending an awesome 2 and a half days as well as 2 nights. Vegas is indescribable and full of contradictions.

The first day we arrived at about 4pm and gorged ourselves on an all you can eat buffet at the luxurious Luxor hotel, shaped identically to a pyramid and boasting the only light that can be seen from Space, a 40 billion candle equivalent spotlight that radiates the Las Vegas skyline at night, which is visible even through the multitude of lightbulbs that if laid out end to end would circumnavigate the globe 3 times over.

The night saw us party away hiring a huge stretch Chevy Truck which took us on a tour of the free shows at Vegas such as the phenomenal music/water show at The Bellagio hotel, the most expensive casino in the world, as well as the giant TV located on the roof of the mall at Fremont Street.

After this it was off to just take in the raw visual power of the lights in Las Vegas, which are exactly you see them in most Hollywood films.

After an awesome 'chillax' session in the jaccuzzi at the hotel it was time to relax for the 2nd leg of our Vegas saga.