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Govern’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Aug 2006

Location: Lake Powell, Utah, USA

MapOur journey towards Lake Powell was one of extreme randomnesss and weird goings on. We travelled for about 5 hours in the cramped van, which seems to be getting smaller day-by-day, and finally took a detour to view what was described by Ting Tong as an awesome example of Mormon life at a place called Colorado City.

The simple mention of the word Mormon should have set some alarm bells ringing before we even got there. Don;t get me wrong some of the Mormon ideals are sensational, ie an unlimited array of wives, looking out for each other and sharing everythign as a community are all pretty good if you like that sort of thing. However any religion that believes that Jesus came back to America in the 1800s should go for its next earliest CT Scan.

Colorado City, was obviously the set for 'The Hills Have Eyes'. There is nothing but a ghost town of empty houses and streets spread over no more than a couple of acres. We were however welcomed by a Sheriff who had both his middle fingers missing, and who wore his badge upside down.

5 minutes later we are doing about 30 mph over the speed limit in an effort to escape alive...that place was crazy.

Finally after a further 2 hours we arrived at Lake Powell where we were given a measley 20 minutes to swim, by a forever unpopular tour guide, who believes that this Trek is her own holiday and so she adds destinations and activities, whilst ensuring that she makes time for them by removing activities we were supposed to participate in. For example Watersports at Lake Powell as well as the cancellation of the Wet N' Wild waterpark.

This approach to tour leading will change pretty quickly as the folks are already after only a few days of beign ordered about and being told what to do, especially after most of us have been taking orders from Camp Directors for the past 3 months, Ting Tong had better reconsider her strategy before our first tour meeting tomorrow.

This does provide us all with a common cause however and so as a group we are more united and as a result enjoying the places we do visit a lot more especially when Ting Tong is not around.

Tired from our van journey and swim at Lake Powell it was easy for us to get some sleep in a cabin instead of a tent (which was nice) before our journey towards one of the most amazing Wonders of the World - The Grand Canyon.