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Govern’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Aug 2006

Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

MapWell yesterdays meeting was an absolute success, seeing our Tour Guide almost brought to tears as we ripped her to shreds like a pack of rabid wolves.

Hopefully our thoughts will improve this already pretty awesome trip greatly.

Our next destination on our tour of the US was the infamous Grand Canyon, spanning over 270 miles around the circumference and is currently 200 million years in the making. Unfortunately I was unable to see the Grand Canyon today as some of the tour members who were daft enough to hand over $200 dollars to a man who calls himself 'Captain Kirk' to fly them over the Grand Canyon, partook in a helicopter ride, where as me and 2 other of my Trek Comrades decided that an hour in the Internet Cafe and a Stawberry Smoothie would greatly satisfy our needs.

Until tomorrow...bye for now.